Save money with Hyperoil!

The ECONOMIC BENEFIT of using Hyperoil® is based on several factors!


IT'S SELF-SUFFICIENT in treating chronic wounds.
It's able to perform all the work that usually perform different primary wound dressings.
It just needs the support of secondary dressings to perform its protecting and absorbing functions and does NOT need any disinfectants.

i.e. it's suitable to the use in lots of different diseases and disorders thus avoiding the need to buy other products. 

Its fast effect allows to shorten the treatment duration.

It's SIMPLE to use
Benefits the self-medication at home under regular medical supervision thus reducing the working hours of specialized healthcare assistants.

It requires MINIMUM quantity of product for a proper and efficient use and it does not require the use of disinfectants

Its use can help avoiding accidents or problems that may result in additional charges.

The BENEFIT of HOLOIL SYSTEM® is such that some independent clinical trials have been performed, not commissioned by the sponsor, both in Italy and abroad, in hospitals, that prove and demonstrate the cost-benefit ratio compared to other normally used primary dressings.

Comparison table

compara-icona compara-pro-icona 

Cost Comparative Study using Hyperoil® (Holoil® in foreign countries)
compared to those incurred with other typical dressings.

Comment on "Cost Comparative Study"
by the authorities of MEDICAL MATE ltd.

The quantitative and qualitative parameters used in this study are the following:
1. condition/description of wound: exudate, anatomic location, extent of the lesion, wound depth and condition (cleaned or not, etc..)
2. medical advice about the treatment: frequency of dressing change, additional use of antibiotics or topical antiseptics, etc;
3. medical opinion about alternative treatments with conventional dressings: specific products, frequency of changes, etc...;
4. (conventional dressings) product prices set by the "Social Security Funds" and the "Observe Net" of Greece.

PLEASE NOTE: A standard national protocol followed by the national doctors and professionals regarding the treatment of external tissue lesions has not been set yet; for this reason, in each case of the "Cost Comparative Study", the above advice was necessary.
The national standard protocol is being implemented by the Greek Ministry of Health, and we have been invited to participate in this project with HYPEROIL® (foreign equivalent of HOLOIL®).

We'll keep you posted about the progresses.

With regard to the "Cost Comparative Study", the cases no. 1,5,8 were treated with other conventional products before using HYPEROIL®, with very little efficient results. In the latter case, were available all data needed for an exact evaluation: medical prescriptions, the exact monthly quantity and conventional dressings codes, timing of medications, etc...

The cases were evaluated and treated by different doctors and health professionals.
In general, many of the reported cases have been treated unsuccessfully with conventional products and thus doctors have started a treatment using only HYPEROIL®.
The costs were estimated on a monthly basis and per dressing change, because in many cases it was necessary to change the dressing daily or 2 times a day.
In Greece, according to a recent directive of Health authority, there is a EUR 400/month limit for lesions treatment per patient, so the cost issue is a pressing issue.

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