What is Hyperoil?

Hyperoil® is not a drug and doesn't need any medical prescription.
It was registered as Class IIb Medical Device.
Reg. No: MED 27033 - Notified Body EC no.0476.
CE certification has been obtained thanks to
the clinical trials presented
about biocompatibility tests and risk analysis,
which showed that Hyperoil® is reliable and EFFECTIVE,
without side effects nor contraindications.


Hyperoil® is Multifunctional because:
• it effectively promotes skin wound healing process related to
different kind of diseases and disorders
• it can be used in at every stage/grade of a wound.
Hyperoil® is Self-sufficient because:
• it has a wide range of properties so as not to require any other
primary dressing during treatment.
Hyperoil® has a VEGETAL origin and is based upon the combination
of oily extracts derived from two plants:
Neem tree (Azadirachta Indica A. Juss)
Hypercum or St. John's Wort (Hypericum Perforatum L.)
Their extraordinary therapeutic properties are known for centuries.
The scientific and technological research has succeeded
in extracting two basic active principles from these two plants,
among hundreds of their components:
Azadirachtin and Hyperforin.

The Class IIb CE-certified Medical Devices Act does not require to demonstrate which of these components is responsible for the product effectiveness.
Anyway for each product batch, it is mandatory to check the percentages of the two essential active ingredients, which must be kept at the same level of those used in the clinical trials.
This certification allows to commercialise the product within the European Community.
In Italy, the product is commercialised under the same CE Certification (no. 0476) but with a different name and patent: Holoil®

Both Hyperoil® and Holoil®
belong to HOLOIL SYSTEM®

 HS m

a brand that will always group all products originating from the same combination of active ingredients.

RI.MOS. C.F. e P.IVA IT01846710364
Cap. Soc. 118.500 € i.v. - Reg. Imprese di Modena: 01846710364